The plucky poultry in this highly entertaining and funny story will “Bernie-Proof” your kids, friends, co-workers, and neighbors, and leave the Bernie Bros with egg on their faces.

Includes six essays on the perils of socialism:

  • · The Inescapable Law of Human Existence that Socialists Just Don’t Get
  • · God or Government?
  • · Sphere Sovereignty and the Unique Challenges Faced by Christians in a Democracy
  • · Is Jesus a Wealth Redistributor or a Supply-Sider?
  • · The Avariciousness of Government
  • · The Holy Grail of Scandinavian Socialism

Democratic Socialism Doesn’t Work. But Why? The Un-Socialist Chickens Exposes Its Fatal Flaws.

The chickens on Peter’s farm love life, thanks to Peter’s gentle ways and rich feed. He talks freely with animals and people alike and shares his farm’s produce with an elderly widow and the village orphanage. Peter is even kind to the preachy Revenue Collector, even after the government begins taking over half his produce to provide for the country’s needy citizens. The rest of the villagers, and Peter’s chickens, aren’t as understanding, especially when they discover how much of the fruit of their labor is being wasted. Many of the villagers begin to avoid the government’s grabby ways by hiding their produce or simply working less since the reward for hard work is negligible. Soon, the government’s tax revenues begin to shrink. The government’s solution naturally is to raise taxes, which only reduces revenues further.

As revenues dry up, there are no resources left over to give to the poor, who have come to depend on the government. Moreover, farmers like Peter no longer have anything extra to share, and Peter’s village friends, the widow, and orphan are truly in want. So, the chickens hatch a plan to help both their beloved farmer and his friends. Through their ingenuity and craftiness, they’re able to circumvent the revenue collector and provide enough eggs to meet the needs of Peter’s family and friends through the coming harsh winter. In the process, the Revenue Collector gets a painful comeuppance that will make the mere sight of eggs revolting for a long time. Young adults, teens, and pre-teens will get a birds-eye view of socialism’s fundamental flaws, while they root for the Un-Socialist Chickens in their plucky campaign against the greedy Revenue Collector.

Meet the Characters


“First come and take the food I’ve brought,” Peter urged. Irina initially protested, but eventually accepted the food, telling Peter, “You shouldn’t have.” But Peter assured her, “I have much more than I can use, Irina — it will just go to waste — so, in fact, you are the one helping me.” This was true, in the sense Peter’s farm was quite prosperous; still, he could easily have sold this produce, but that was beside the point.

Hattie and Eunice

“But, if the Revenue Collector found our hidden eggs, Peter would be in great trouble,” objected Eunice. Hattie couldn’t argue with that, but she also wasn’t about to give up. She even stopped feeding for two entire days to talk to every chicken about what to do, for they were all distressed to see Peter so glum.

Bantam Chickens

They are smaller than most of my hens, and their eggs are likewise small. But they fly like eagles, Irina,” Peter boasted. “Dmitri and Leo are always climbing to the top of the oak tree in front of our house to bring them down. I scold them, but they don’t seem to listen,” he laughed.


“Our nation will no longer allow our poorest and most vulnerable to suffer in abject poverty. It is our solemn duty as a prosperous nation to provide for their needs. It is wrong that so many luxuriate in the decadence of absurdly excessive wealth, while others have little or nothing.”


“Not delivering the eggs is no solution,” Chauncey explained. “If the Revenue Collector doesn’t find the eggs where Peter said they’d be, he’ll think Peter’s crazy, or worse, that he made up the story of miracle eggs just to cheat the government. Either way, he will be arrested.”

David Culver Brenner

David Culver Brenner produces the blog-site,, where he posts serious and satirical essays on faith, culture, and politics. He lives in northern Virginia with his wife, Kristen, and their three sons.

Praise for The Un-Socialist Chickens

"Delightful and Instructive"

"As someone who has started Ann Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and never finished it, I applaud David Brenner’s wise decision to making his book light and brief. The book addresses extremely important topics in a lighthearted and easy to grasp fashion. Stepping back and understanding that not all good intentions lead to good outcomes should be central to our thought processes. - MAF


"With our children being bombarded with false ideologies, it is refreshing to find someone countering these flawed and dangerous ideas. The Un-Socialist Chickens does just that, countering socialist ideology in a short and entertaining account of heroic and innovative farmyard beasts who feel first hand the damaging effects of socialism and push back against its tyrannical and fruitless demands. The Un-Socialist Chickens will delight young and old readers alike while guiding them to become free, productive citizens. - JH

"Humorous and Believable"

"In an age where we often talk past each other, David Brenner has given us a delightful, humorous, and yet believable story that illustrates well how government-imposed redistribution of wealth hurts the 'least of these' and wrecks an economy." -GA

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